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Quieesha Burns, renowned in the design world as Corii, stands as an American creative with a global presence, dividing her time between the vibrant landscapes of New York, USA, and the artistic allure of Paris, France. Her academic journey led her through esteemed institutions such as Cazenovia College and Syracuse University, where she obtained Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees, before culminating in a Masters in Contemporary Fashion Design from IFA Paris.

Celebrated for her captivating deconstructed tailoring and visionary perspective on the future of sustainable fashion, Corii's work transcends conventional boundaries. Her design ethos champions inclusivity, as evidenced by her innovative approaches to low-waste direction, and utilization of deadstock fabrics and pre-loved garments, resulting in an ethical and avant-garde fashion narrative.

Corii's impact on the fashion landscape has garnered international recognition, notably with her recent achievement of dressing Grammy-awarded artist TYLA in her Corii Burns Sante Mentale Skirt for Billboard Magazine. Moreover, Corii's eponymous brand collaborated with NIKON USA, further solidifying her position as an influential figure in the industry.

Her creative endeavors extend to designing for prominent figures, including Kiana Lede for BET's 2024 Black + Iconic Soiree and Latin pop star Evenny for the Latin Music Awards. She has been featured in esteemed publications such as British Vogue, New Wave - London, Mob Journal, Embrace, CNY, Syracuse Magazines, and FAULT Magazine. Presently, her bespoke and limited-edition creations are exclusively available online.

At the core of her brand, Corii Burns, lies a commitment to luxury deconstructed fashion, anchored in principles of diversity, socioeconomics, and sustainability as catalysts for social change. Corii's collections draw inspiration from and celebrate the rich diversity of the Black diaspora, embodying a relentless pursuit of equity and inclusion in the fashion realm.

One of her standout projects, the Mental Health Collection (MHII), serves as a poignant response to the mental health crisis, sparking crucial conversations within her community. Conceived in Paris, France, during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the pinnacle of the Black Lives Matter movement, this collection explores the intersections of these global challenges within the community. MHII is more than fashion; it's a deliberate effort to destigmatize mental health, fostering open discourse and progressive approaches that lead to genuine healing. In acknowledgment of a damaged world, each garment in the collection is not only adjustable but also incorporates extra sustainable fabric, reflecting Corii's dedication to sustainability and adaptability in an ever-changing landscape.

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Quieesha "CORi! " Burns was born in Syracuse, New York


1st Sketches emerge 2005

Entered "Art Focus" Program at Henninger 


1st Wire, plaster, wood and clay sculptures  of fashion garments emerge


Graduates Henninger High& Syracuse University (Computer science program)

Entered Cazenovia College Business Management & Accounting Program


Added Dual Major atCazenovia College(+Fashion Design)


Holds 1st solo show:"HOPE's Garden" Fashion ShowDRESS A GIRL around the World $100 impact


Graduates from Cazenovia College Showcase of The Glass Ceiling"(women rights in the work place)

Selected fashion designer at MODA International Fashion Show(Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital)

EMBRACE Magazine Release- featured designer showcase

CORi! BURNS enter's 1st retailer -Montclair NJ

Syracuse Fashion Week-Charitable Food Bank CNYSouth Walton Fashion Week Emerging Designer Competition finalist 


SMILE Again Fashion Show

Bronx Fashion Show John Jay-House of Dolls Fashion showcase

Chevy Stage- NY State Fair Fashion showcase


HIV Stops with me Fashion showcase

Art of Essence Fashion Show

1st radio interview LIVE From the Box on 87.7FM WVOA Radio


Latin pop star Eveny on Latin Music Awards in 2 looks for CORi! BURNS


Kelly Rowland shares Corii Burns handbag 👜 on her Instagram !

Enters ifa Paris University Contemporary Fashion Design Master's Program: Paris, FR & Florence Italy based

Rick Owens PERFORMA FW20- Palasis de Tokyo

OTTOLINGER 2020-Paris France


Brand name changes from BODII BII CORII to CORi! BURNS


9/22 Show MHi! Collection at NYFW


CORi! BURNS is an innovative made to measure haute couture brand offering  limited edition products, that cultivates expression through social economics and artistry in a theatrical as well as progressive way for our community.


NYFW Fitting